Ruth Tabancay "Nylon Knee Highs 156X" (detail)

Mission & History

Surface Design Association’s mission since 1977 is to promote awareness and appreciation of textile-inspired art and design through member-supported benefits including publications, exhibitions, and conferences.

Surface Design Association: Innovation in Fiber, Art, and Design

Peggy+Dembice+demos+paper+weaving+to+CT+SDASDA provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, methods, and materials. The SDA community is expansive: from makers and artists to academics and enthusiasts. We celebrate their successes and failures as they work toward sustaining traditional techniques or adapting production strategies in radical new ways, such as realizing fiber arts as activism or performance. The shared affinity of our community is a sincere love of textile media and fiber arts.

"Hooked on Svelte," Joel Allen

“Hooked on Svelte,” Joel Allen

Through its quarterly publication of the Surface Design Journal, member exhibitions, and biennial intensives, SDA is able to:

  • Provide opportunities for learning and meaningful collaboration
  • Mentor and support emerging and established artists
  • Inform members about the latest developments in the field of fiber arts
  • Recognize the accomplishments of members
  • Encourage critical dialogue about fiber art
  • Inspire new directions in fiber and textiles
  • Raise the visibility of fibers and textile media in the contemporary art world.