Name Location Artistic Medium Links
Andrea Snyder Corvallis, OR PA United States of America Mixed Media, Painting, Paper Making, Printmaking, Sculpture
Christine Aaron New Rochelle, NY NY United States of America Embroidery/Stitching, Encaustic, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Kyle Abbott Rochester, MI Crochet/Knitting/Looping, Textile Design, Sculpture, Painting, Mixed Media, Encaustic
Nancy Abodeely San Rafael, CA United States of America Installation, Jewelry Design, Mixed Media
Alexis Abrams Los Angeles, CA United States of America
Fafnir Adamites San Pedro, CA United States of America Felting, Installation, Paper Making, Sculpture, Weaving/Tapestry
Brandi Adcock Harrisonburg, VA United States of America
Amie Adelman AZLE, TX Beading, Basketry, Sculpture, Quilting, Mixed Media, Installation, Embroidery/Stitching, Dyeing/Shibori Techniques
Sally Adler Pittsburgh, PA United States of America
Regula Affolter Davos Dorf, Graubünden Switzerland Mixed Media, Textile Design, Quilting, Printmaking, Dyeing/Shibori Techniques
Agusta Agustsson Melrose, MA United States of America Graphic Design, Quilting, Printmaking, Embroidery/Stitching, Mixed Media, Painting
Amy Ahlstrom San Mateo, CA
Barbara Aiken Newmarket, NH
Mary Lou Alexander Girard, OH United States of America Dyeing/Shibori Techniques, Printmaking, Quilting
Judy Alexander Brighton, East Sussex UK United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Wendy Allard Regina, SK Canada Textile Design, Dyeing/Shibori Techniques, Quilting, Wax Resist
Lynne Allen Durham, CT United States of America
Jane Allen Santa Rosa, CA Printmaking, Quilting, Sculpture, Social Practice, Weaving/Tapestry, Basketry, Paper Making, Painting, Mixed Media, Installation
Evette Allerdings Port Angeles, WA United States of America Beading, Crochet/Knitting/Looping, Embroidery/Stitching, Fashion/Costume Design, Painting, Wax Resist
Susan Allison-Hatch Albuquerque, NM United States of America