Threads of Life I and II

Threads of Life I and II

Artist: Liz Hewitt

Title: Threads of Life I and II

Attribution: Threads of Life I & II 2017 Liz Hewitt

Year: 2017

Materials: Vintage Linen, cotton & hemp linen fabrics

Dimensions: 29" x 51" & 18" x 51"

Image Statement: An exploration of the meditative quality of stitch, taking inspiration from the original quilt makers, Kantha quilts, mending and darning techniques and Japanese Boro; using remnants of pre worn or loved fabrics, and in so doing, preserving the memories of these precious fabrics.. Liz used fragments of indigo dyed fabrics that she has collected over many years from many different sources, to create memory cloths of life. These cloths can be used during meditation, Indigo being the colour of perception, intuition and thought to help promote deep concentration during meditation