Tabernacle of Trappings

Tabernacle of Trappings

Artist: Rebecca McGee Tuck

Title: Tabernacle of Trappings

Attribution: "Tabernacle of Trappings" 2020 Rebecca McGee Tuck

Year: 2021

Materials: vintage dress, meaningful cuttings of textiles sent through the mail during quarantine, wood, wire. 2021 Rebecca McGee Tuck

Dimensions: 60" x 48" x 6"

Image Statement: Over the course of the stay at home order and throughout the Pandemic, I asked friends, family and social media acquaintances to send me cutting of important textiles. I did this in an effort to keep in touch with people and to feel close to people who I would not see until a year later because of the virus. People sent me cuttings of baby blankets, wedding dresses, Boston Marathon finish line cover ups and other much loved fabric ephemera. The finished piece is a memory shrine to hold me over until we meet again.