Remnants of memory

Remnants of memory

Artist: Youngmin Lee

Title: Remnants of memory

Attribution: Remnants of memory, 2018, Youngmin Lee

Year: 2018

Materials: Vintage hand-woven cotton, ramie dyed in indigo, safflower, and fiber reactive dye

Dimensions: 63.5 inches x 61 inches

Image Statement: When I found indigo-dyed, handwoven cotton at the antique store in Korea, it took me down the road of imagining the conversations and memories that cloth might have carried over time. This sparked my very organic creative process. I start by putting small fragments together, piecing more and more together as I work. Sometimes the piece grows as I planned, but other times, it grows as if it has its own intention. I just enjoy the rhythm of stitching and leave the result beyond my control. I appreciate the beauty that results from the long and slow process of hand stitching – a meditative act that creates an unexpected and spontaneous result.