At the Expense of Democracy

At the Expense of Democracy

Artist: Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

Title: At the Expense of Democracy

Attribution: At the Expense of Democracy, ©2019 Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, photo by Paul Rogers, Stowe VT

Year: 2019

Materials: Wood knick knack shelf, yarn, mulberry paper, vintage postcards, canvas, acrylic paint, reed, U.S. currency, printed distorted corporate logos,wire, leather, metal clip, stone clay

Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 10 inches

Image Statement: I have adapted nature’s tale of predator and prey into an allegory about political campaign donors. The grand owl dominates the scene, controlling the pigeon who sits on the window ledge. The owl’s wings are tipped with money which the great bird bestows on the receptive pigeon. Pigeons are known for not cleaning their nests, and this one is laced with the owl's money. Meek and mute in the face of the owl’s power, the pigeon adopts legislation that favors the owl’s interests. Meanwhile, another pigeon legislator, one not controlled by the owl's purse strings, prepares to sound the alarm, carrying a message of warning in its backpack.