Live Your Truth

Live Your Truth

Artist: Sarah Haskell

Title: Live Your Truth

Attribution: Live Your Truth

Year: 2021

Materials: Handwoven linen with rayon brocade. Indigo and ceriops (mangrove bark) dyed. Embroidered, couched hand-spun paper and metallic threads.

Dimensions: 44.5” by 22.5” by .5”

Image Statement: This tree grows in two directions, an independent and venerable witness to time. Reaching upward with confidence and strength – this tree feels akin to a self-portrait. Underground, tenacious roots dig deep giving a grounding and spiritual depth. As I enter a new decade of life, Living my Own Truth becomes a precious mantra. Above the horizon the colors are derived from an indigo bath, while the rusty orange below is from ceriops/mangrove bark. Creating art using organic materials such as linen and plant based dyes feels aligned with my principle of living a life of respect for the interdependent web of life.