Mandala LVI

Mandala LVI

Artist: Susan Lenz

Title: Mandala LVI

Attribution: Mandala LVI 2021 Susan Lenz

Year: 2021

Materials: Found objects hand-stitched to a section of an old, bow-tie quilt. Found objects include: Pewter animals with musical instruments; beer caps; blue plastic toy gears; metal picture frame hangers; external tooth lock washers; white plastic bottle caps, buttons; insulin needle caps; keys; a snowflake shaped ornament; and long needle-like parts of a prostate radioactive seed implant device.

Dimensions: Custom framed: 40" x 40" as a diamond; 28 1/4" x 28 1/4"

Image Statement: As a visual artist using found objects, I work in partnership with my materials to articulate the accumulated memory inherent in discarded things. I use multiples of seemingly mundane items to put into perspective the abundance of life and the capacity to keep things as if for a "rainy day". Paper clips, keys, bottle caps, buttons, nails, plastic spoons, and old clock parts are combined with dominoes, film reels, old toys, and holiday decorations. These and so many other, often vintage items, are repetitively hand-stitched into meditative patterns on sections of old quilts, bringing an extraordinary new life to otherwise everyday things. This work started during the pandemic's "sheltering in place" and speaks to the universal desire for a place of belonging and sense of home.