A Simpler Place In Time

A Simpler Place In Time

Artist: Linda Colsh

Title: A Simpler Place In Time

Attribution: A Simpler Place In Time 2020 Linda Colsh

Year: 2020

Materials: Cotton fabric painted and printed by the artist; machine pieced & machine quilted

Dimensions: H48 x W12 inches

Image Statement: In March 2020, the streets emptied due to coronavirus. Boredom in isolation, but artists’ need to create is powerful. Turtle Fountain artist. Finding places to quietly continue, I re-imagined the artist who I photographed sitting quietly drawing sketches of Rome’s Turtle Fountain. In my imagination, I moved this gentle artist to a place beside my creek, at my favorite spot where the current tumbles around the Middletown Granite-Gneiss boulders – placidly bubbling when the water is low or raging and tumbling madly after a storm.