Artist: Wilma Butts

Title: Autumnal

Attribution: Autumnal, 2017, Wilma Butts

Year: 2017

Materials: Paper, silk fibre, fibre reactive dye

Dimensions: 36" x 46"

Image Statement: “Autumnal” was inspired by the iconic Canadian maple leaf. The symbol has instant recognition with Canadian identity, from our flag, to patches on backpacks, to an Olympic hockey jersey. The beauty of the maple leaf can be appreciated through all of our seasonal extremes. The first fresh green leaves of spring, the lush, cool canopy of summer, the blaze of colour in fall and crunch of texture in early winter. Each season holds it's unique beauty, but the true drama of the maple leaf is found for a short period in fall. “Autumnal” explores the dramatic colours and sculptural beauty of late fall leaves. The piece was created using rice paper with silk fibre. The paper was pleated and dyed using a Japanese shibori technique that results in an amazing organic texture. The delicate pleated paper shares the fragility of a crisp autumn leaf.