Blue Remembered Hills

Blue Remembered Hills

Artist: Alicia Merrett

Title: Blue Remembered Hills

Attribution: Blue Remembered Hills, 2018, Alicia Merrett

Year: 2018

Materials: Hand-dyed cotton sateen fabrics, foil, cotton and polyester threads.

Dimensions: 28" x 35"

Image Statement: There is a time of the evening when dark descends and the lights go on. Green fields become dark blue, the river turns purple, meandering around the blue hills, the woods and the ploughed fields. Lights shine along the roads and inside houses. Moonlight is reflected on the river. Sometimes a road seems to end suddenly, but that’s because street lights stop once the roads leave the villages. The title of this piece comes from a collection of poems by A.E. Housman (English, 1859-1936).