Body Cocoon No. 26

Body Cocoon No. 26

Artist: Darlyn Susan Yee

Title: Body Cocoon No. 26

Attribution: Body Cocoon No. 26, 2018, Darlyn Susan Yee

Year: 2018

Materials: Knitted Wool, Acrylic, Polyester and Metal

Dimensions: 34 in h x 16 in w x 16 in d

Image Statement: Manipulating elements of color, texture and line to mimic and exaggerate the human form, I create knitted sculptures that seem to grow, morph and dance before your eyes. Some reach out from the walls, while those suspended from the ceilings sway gently with changes in air currents. The open and transparent nature of the sculptures cast beautiful shadow play. Viewers of these sculptures I refer to as Body Cocoons are often compare them to the abstract sculptures of Ruth Asawa and Constantin Brâncuși. While I am flattered by the comparison, the softer lines and more playful and tactile intent behind my works set them apart from other abstract sculptural works.