Bound and Tied, detail

Bound and Tied, detail

Artist: Erica Spitzer Rasmussen

Title: Bound and Tied, detail

Attribution: Bound and Tied, 2019, Erica Spitzer Rasmussen

Year: 2019

Materials: mixed media with handmade paper (cotton and mulberry fibers, walnut stain, gelatin capsules and a secret note to self)

Dimensions: ), 24”w x 64”h x 8”d

Image Statement: Bound and Tied is a work about my struggles with insomnia. Because I have so much difficulty sleeping, I take prescription pills every night. The use of the straight jacket and the integration of gelatin capsules makes reference to my on-going habit.... one which I'll probably never break free from. I'm not happy about my dependence on such pharmaceuticals, but I've resigned myself to it.