Brocken Spectre

Brocken Spectre

Artist: Linda Colsh

Title: Brocken Spectre

Attribution: Brocken Spectre 2020 Linda Colsh

Year: 2020

Materials: Cotton fabric painted and printed by the artist; machine pieced & machine quilted

Dimensions: H48 x W12 inches

Image Statement: Enjoying quiet solitude as a time to reflect on life's resonant, reassuring repetitions, I hope for morning valley fog or late afternoon mist to rise up from the creek. The cold mist or enveloping fog surrounds like an invisibility blanket. Brocken spectre is a special natural phenomenon: a shadow cast on fog that happens when someone or something stands between fog and sun. I’ve placed two self-portraits of myself next to branches in a late Spring surprise snowfall: a print of myself looking up in wonder and the second with my umbrella creating distance and protection