COVID_19 Diary, March 2020

COVID_19 Diary, March 2020

Artist: Leonie Andrews

Title: COVID_19 Diary, March 2020

Attribution: COVID-19 Diary, March 2020, 2020, Leonie Andrews

Year: 2020

Materials: cotton, linen. thread

Dimensions: 69 cm (h) x 93 cm (w)

Image Statement: This sampler came about because I needed to ‘do’ something physical in response to what was happening when the pandemic was announced. It was a way of corralling all the news reports and things that were coming at us all at once. For me stitching was a way of coping. When I started the sampler I literally looked around for stray pieces of fabric that came to hand, not worrying about finding a large piece of fabric. The sampler was as fragmented as my mind felt on some days, unable to settle on anything other than something small and readily dealt with.