Artist: Christine Miller

Title: Emergence

Attribution: "Emergence", 2020 - Christine Miller

Year: 2020

Materials: Wire, metallic fiber - double weave metal fabric

Dimensions: 14"h x 10"w x 9"d

Image Statement: Gold and silver are precious metal colors and are tied to concepts of being precious, regal, eternal, and valuable. The forms in this sculpture also display unity, growth, and solidarity. In this time of much uncertainty, Emergence shows the strength and beauty of the collective. The woven metal fabric is also a double woven fabric - the gold and silver layers are intertwined and move back and forth from one surface to another. The agility and flexibility of the color changes is seamless, but the vertical movement of each section strengthens the upward motion of the sculpture. The softness and gentle arcs of the curving forms rely on the strength and integrity of the wire for their graceful lines, displaying the dance of strength and beauty.