Flower Power (detail)

Flower Power (detail)

Artist: Wilma Butts

Title: Flower Power (detail)

Attribution: Flower Power, 2019, Wilma Butts

Year: 2019

Materials: Silk, paper, fibre reactive dye, wire

Dimensions: Three large scale sculptural flowers with stems...52" x 68"

Image Statement: This piece celebrates the flower power imagery of the Woodstock era, best symbolized by the classic Unikko flower graphic. The Unikko graphic is also celebrating a 50th anniversary this year. Flower Power takes inspiration from the simple, bold, brightly coloured graphic floral patterns of the 1960's. The simple graphic imagery is brought to three dimensional life using multiple meters of hand dyed, pleated and sculpted silk fabric. The leaves and stems were created using hand dyed and pleated paper. This piece embraces the whimsy of the 60's flower power spirit.