Forms of Every Breath You Take

Forms of Every Breath You Take

Artist: Saberah Malik

Title: Forms of Every Breath You Take

Attribution: Forms of Every Breath You Take. 2022. Saberah Malik

Year: 2021

Materials: Polyester fabrics, fishnet

Dimensions: 144" H x 36" W x 36" D

Image Statement: I had been searching for a more compelling connection of external stimuli to bond a desire for integrating a culture of devotion and appreciation of natural phenomena into my creative content. The answer has been the introduction to oceanographic science, which for me, made the invisible visible, the seemingly inconsequential of the greatest consequence. I have been awestruck with the physical beauty and diversity of phytoplankton morphology, and the choreographic grace of their journey along the ocean currents. This work is an introduction to these marvels of the deep, generators of seventy percent of our oxygen supply and inceptors of a food chain that sustains life on earth.