Ghost Stories, Uprooted

Ghost Stories, Uprooted

Artist: Jodi Colella

Title: Ghost Stories, Uprooted

Attribution: Ghost Stories, Uprooted, 2019, Jodi Colella

Year: 2019

Materials: Found tintype original, enlarged ink jet transfer onto aluminum, dyed artificial flowers, silk thread, wood frame

Dimensions: 20.75x16.25 in.

Image Statement: In Ghost Stories, I've developed a new technique to expand my small intimate tintype originals both in size and expression. They are scanned, enlarged, cropped, transferred onto large sheets of aluminum, and then embroidered to create powerful confrontive images. By investigating for hidden meanings that lay just below the surface, I focus on the strangeness of what is assumed to be known - but isn't. the new images challenge perceptions as they capture that place where anxiety and beauty can co-mingle. In the way, an obsolete 19th century photo process is transformed into an object of contemporary relevance that recontextualizes history and begs the questions: "What is really going on here? Is what we see really what it is?"