Indigo Composition No. 13

Indigo Composition No. 13

Artist: Judy Kirpich

Title: Indigo Composition No. 13

Attribution: Indigo Composition No. 13, 2020, Judy Kirpich

Year: 2020

Materials: Cotton, fabric paint, flour resist dyed fabric

Dimensions: 78" x 85"

Image Statement: In 2014 I became interested in the cloth created by a Chinese ethnic minority who over dye their indigo cotton with mixtures of ox or pig blood and peppers. They cover one side of the fabric with egg whites and then beat the cloth with mallets. This results in a piece of fabric that is very shiny on one side and matte on the reverse. I have spent the last five years working with this fabric. In many ways the later pieces in this series are self-portraits of a sort. To most people I seem very strong and self sufficient. Only upon closer inspection can you see the detail, complexity, and fragility of my emotional base. Like this fabric, for the careful observer there is a lot to discover.