Indigo Nights

Indigo Nights

Artist: Sarah Haskell

Title: Indigo Nights

Attribution: Indigo Nights, 2021, Sarah Haskell

Year: 2021

Materials: Handwoven linen with rayon brocade. Rust printed, indigo dyed with wax resist. Embroidered, couched paper and metallic threads.

Dimensions: 45” H by 22.5” by .5”

Image Statement: Over the past year I have been moving away from fiber reactive dyes - and using natural dyes and processes with my handwoven linens. This transition reflects my desire to live a life in alignment with the patterns and rhythms of the environment. In creating this piece, I hope to capture the quiet and contemplative space that observing nature affords me. On a deep winter’s night the full moon and the majestic bare oaks, urge me from bed. In those wee hours of the morning while the household slumbers, I find an opening to insight and wisdom. This space, close to lunar perception is the inspiration for Indigo Nights.