Invisible, Disappearing Act 3

Invisible, Disappearing Act 3

Artist: Linda Colsh

Title: Invisible, Disappearing Act 3

Attribution: Invisible, Disappearing Act 3 2020 Linda Colsh

Year: 2020

Materials: Cotton fabric painted and printed by the artist; machine pieced & machine quilted

Dimensions: H48 x W12 inches

Image Statement: In early 2020, we disappeared into our homes out of common sense and, in many cases, under governmental guidelines and regulations to socially distance. Before coronavirus, we were free and went where we pleased. Now there is anxiety and fear. It is difficult if not impossible to see neighbors, family, even strangers because pandemic restrictions, government- or self-imposed and fear of the virus demand distance and isolation. Behind closed doors, others have become invisible to us; we have become invisible to others. Life is a story of ghosts.