Pandemic Isolation Blues

Pandemic Isolation Blues

Artist: Constance Collins

Title: Pandemic Isolation Blues

Attribution: Pandemic Isolation Blues ; 2020 ; Constance W. Collins

Year: 2020

Materials: Upcycled handwoven alpaca, bamboo & silk fabrics

Dimensions: 16" (w) x 12" (h)

Image Statement: Pandemic Isolation Blues provides an abundance of disjointed patterns and textures that befits those times when our routine was shredded & shrouded in angst. There is no dominant element so the viewer is confronted with many stimuli of equal weight. To completely absorb it requires some time & then the imagination kicks in. Are those leaves floating down a stream? What about that one spot of bright green– is there something underneath the layers or does it represent hope for a greener tomorrow in our ocean? I want to engage a viewer’s imagination in the same way that cloud formations used to stimulate mine when I was a child.