Knit Democracy Together

Knit Democracy Together

Artist: Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

Title: Knit Democracy Together

Attribution: Knit Democracy Together, 2021, Eve Jacobs-Carnahan in collaboration with makers in KDT circles, photo by Paul Rogers, Stowe VT

Year: 2021

Materials: yarn, felt, knitting needles, enamel, foam board, rigid foam, metal tin, dowels

Dimensions: 41 x 68 x 33 inches

Image Statement: This sculpture represents an ideal image of democracy where everyone in society is represented in government. Assembled from blocks knitted by participants in my Knit Democracy Together knitting circles, the knitted state capitol embodies the aspirations of individuals from many parts of the community. The colors are varied and the textures range from plain to complex, just like people. Their diversity attests to the broad community input necessary for a strong democracy. Hands holding knitting needles work to complete the structure. With yarn wound around their fingers and stitches on their needles, the work is ongoing. The humble tools used for constructing this legislative building reinforce the idea that ordinary people taking small actions can accomplish great things.