Lines in the Landscape

Lines in the Landscape

Artist: Alicia Merrett

Title: Lines in the Landscape

Attribution: Lines in the Landscape, 2017, Alicia Merrett

Year: 2017

Materials: Hand-dyed cotton sateen fabrics, fusible web, cotton and polyester threads

Dimensions: 18" x 36"

Image Statement: Looking from above, the surface of Planet Earth seems to be made of shapes, lines, textures, and reliefs. They mark coastlines, river courses, roads of various sizes, furrows on the fields. That’s how those features are now; but with climate change, those lines could change – as the ice line already is – and sea water could flood low lying lands. This piece is loosely based on the River Parrett in Somerset, UK, flowing north-west and ending in the Bristol Channel, forming the Bridgewater Bay National Nature Reserve.