Magnolia Grandiflora III

Magnolia Grandiflora III

Artist: Andrea Finch

Title: Magnolia Grandiflora III

Attribution: Magnolia Grandiflora III 2019 Andrea Finch

Year: 2019

Materials: cotton, polyester, acrylic, vinyl, aluminum wire, polyester stuffing, cotton batting, wood framed canvas, polyester & cotton thread

Dimensions: 60” high x 72” wide x 20“ deep

Image Statement: Most of my quilts start with a flower or weed in my garden, third in my Magnolia Grandiflora series I delve further into my fascination with this prehistoric tree. I am intrigued by the center of the Magnolia flowers, the curves of the stigmas, often lost to the viewer because they are small. As the work has progressed, they have started to become more abstract. The opposition of the soft, smooth tepals (petals) and hard, sharp seed pods has led me in further exploration as they are now escaping the bounds of the surface of my 'quilts'. Assembling the pieces requires thought of how gravity will change the work overtime, but I love the challenge.