In Solace

In Solace

Artist: Dayna Talbot

Title: In Solace

Attribution: In Solace, 2020, Dayna Talbot

Year: 2020

Materials: Ecoprinted, burned and dyed, and stitched with artificial sinew on Evolon

Dimensions: 30" x 22"

Image Statement: "In Solace"was made for a community project titled "Marking Covid Lives". The project conceived by artist Elizabeth Awalt to commemorate American lives lost to COVID. In Solace consists of at least 1,000 marks to depict the thousands of lives lost. The process of burning and rusting is meant to show how destructive this disease has been, the stitching represents our strength to heal and mend our lives. As we continue to fight this pandemic the hope is that we come together to combat this disease.