Needlepoint Transformed (Series)

Needlepoint Transformed (Series)

Artist: Bebe Kuhr

Title: Needlepoint Transformed (Series)

Attribution: Spirit Messengers' - Bebe Kuhr - Photography by Bebe Kuhr

Year: 2021

Materials: Preferred Aluminum, Shredded Book Plates & Aluminum Stand

Dimensions: H-12" L-20" D-6"

Image Statement: I have transformed needlepointing into a completely different realm. Instead of using the traditional needle, embroidery thread and canvas; I use an exacto knife, shredded paper and perforated aluminum. I hand form the shape. Next I shred color plates from a book on modern art to use as my pallet to make the imagery. Using a knife I weave the shreds, repeating this process thousands of times. It’s a meditative process in selecting each piece. I want the end result to create a multi-sensory experience for the viewer.