Once Upon A Time: Pandemic House

Once Upon A Time: Pandemic House

Artist: Rebecca McGee Tuck

Title: Once Upon A Time: Pandemic House

Attribution: Once Upon A Time: Pandemic House

Year: 2020

Materials: materials collected from within my home during the stay at home order, steel, paint

Dimensions: 82" x 58" x 74"

Image Statement: On March 15 we found out that our studios would close because of Covid-19. We had one day to go in and collect what we needed, but for how long---no one knew. I grabbed my sewing machine, various fabrics, yarns, wires, glue and other collage materials. My dining room table became my pandemic studio. It was smaller, in full view of my family, and it lacked the freedom to be as messy as I needed to be! As a found object artist, the virus made me have to rethink the objects that would inspire me. I started collecting from within my house, sewing collages with whatever I could find. The drive to keep working and my need to visually journal what was going on around me, is how the Pandemic House came to be.