One Hundred and Thirteen

One Hundred and Thirteen

Artist: Katie Taylor

Title: One Hundred and Thirteen

Attribution: One Hundred and Thirteen, 2013 - Katie Taylor

Year: 2013

Materials: Found items, concrete, resin, fibre optic cable.

Dimensions: 1.5 meter x 1.5 meter

Image Statement: Created as a site specific piece for OVADA's Spotlight 13 in Oxford's Town Hall. The work needed to relate to the Victorian Court rooms. When I visited the rooms I was captivated by the palpable history so I spent some time researching The British News Archives. In the Oxford Journal 24th November 1900 twelve court cases were listed as having been heard at Oxford City Court, these were: 3 drunk and disorderly cases Letting of fireworks in the street Obstruction of a lane with a horse and fish cart Allowing a chimney to catch fire Assaulting wife and knocking her tooth out Begging in the street but beggar claimed to be selling shoe laces Maintenance arrears Cruelty to a horse Cruelty to a cat Items embedded within concrete remind us of each of these cases like archeology the items have been uncovered and preserved to reveal the past, almost forgotten but rediscovered. Similar cases would have been heard week after week, year after year.