Artist: Liz Hewitt

Title: Protection

Attribution: Protection 2019 Liz Hewitt

Year: 2019

Materials: West African Cotton Strip Cloth, Procian dyes, Silk threads

Dimensions: 25" x 78"

Image Statement: Female Genital Mutilation is not considered normal practice, but is still carried out in parts of Africa. This piece is designed to protect young girls from the horrors of the mutilation; decorated with marks, illustrating the FGM. It is a protection cloth for any girl to wrap herself in, who is terrified of the mutilation that could be done by her family. Made of Malian Strip Cloth traditionally made into Bogolan for anyone in danger of losing blood. Protective cloths, to keep away evil spirits, confused by the patterns and close weave of the fabric so unable to penetrate the wearer’s body.