Scarlet Coral

Scarlet Coral

Artist: Christine Miller

Title: Scarlet Coral

Attribution: "Scarlet Coral", 2019, Christine Miller

Year: 2019

Materials: Wire, fiber - woven metal fabric with fiber embellishment

Dimensions: 11"h x 7"w x 6"d

Image Statement: Weaving with wire as the warp allows the creation of a woven metal fabric that can be used as a sculptural material. This sculpture is part of a larger exhibition "Beneath the Surface - A Coral Reef Installation" and examines our relationship to the oceans and the destruction of sacred life forms like coral reefs due to global warming and man made stressors. The advocacy nature of this work is a clarion call for action to figure out how to navigate through these global challenges. Despite the hardness of the wire, organic lines come to life in the manipulation of the woven metal. The juxtaposition of hard and soft are married into a unique sculptural expression.