Artist: Saberah Malik

Title: Silenced

Attribution: Silenced. 2022. Saberah Malik

Year: 2021

Materials: Polyester fabrics, wood, canvas, gauze bandage

Dimensions: 80" h x 60" w x 60" D

Image Statement: In the fall of 2019, apple orchards lay wasted, bull-dozed and trampled upon by occupying forces in the vale of Kashmir. Married into a Kashmiri family, I continuously witness the grief and pain of family members. The world’s silence to human rights abuses there is as deafening as the Kashmiri’s sense of helplessness, hopelessness, with no available source of compassion to help heal systemic injuries to people or to nature. The land lies silenced, the people are silenced and we are all guilty of being silent witnesses.