Silk Road

Silk Road

Artist: Ileana Soto

Title: Silk Road

Attribution: Silk Road

Year: 2020

Materials: Silk, velvet, vintage silk log cabin blocks, fragments of dress from India

Dimensions: 51" h x 37" w

Image Statement: East and West civilizations and ideas have intersected through Silk Road commerce for 2400 years: China, Korea, Japan, India, Persia, Arabia, Europe, The Horn of Africa, reaching to the Americas. The silks in this piece originated in these communities, utilized by American quilters in the vintage log cabin blocks. Global cross-fertilization exists today in spite of war, climate displacement, and the pressures of economic, racial and cultural misunderstanding and injustice. Today, we recognize that global trade can include exploitation of people to make these products. Our inter-connectedness now includes a vigilance to know the conditions under which our goods are produced. Connection brings with it responsibility.