Artist: Barbara Burns

Title: Temptation

Attribution: Temptation, 2016, Barbara Burns

Year: 2016

Materials: Handwoven Tapestry: wool and cotton weft, seine twine warp

Dimensions: 45 x 40 inches

Image Statement: In “Temptation” I was exploring the controversies around the subject of sexual identity, individuality, loss of innocence, enlightenment and liberation. The common destiny of humankind is by definition inclusive. I am concerned that people on the “fringe” may be left out and this should not be the case. I see Temptation as a signal flag to inclusivity. This tapestry is full of symbolism, a hallmark of early European tapestry, which the illiterate of that time were able to understand. My work tells stories as well. Every element I use, including images, fiber and color choices depict a message for the viewer. I find the dichotomy of using the ancient medium of tapestry to express contemporary subjects is a powerful and satisfying tool.