Artist: Nancy Monson

Title: UnBecoming

Attribution: UnBecoming, 2021, Nancy Monson

Year: 2021

Materials: Photo manipulation and transfer onto silk, embroidery

Dimensions: Diptych, each 10" x 10" framed

Image Statement: I wanted to explore the idea of “White Fragility” in this diptych—sections of a transfer onto silk of a photo I took of different materials, some of which I dyed with black Rit dye. I was attempting to show how our white culture is becoming multiracial, and how white people must surrender the fear of no longer being the dominant race in America. I have been profoundly impacted by the book White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, a white female diversity trainer who says that we have all been socialized into an invasive, multileveled system of racism in America, which can’t be avoided. As a privileged, middle-class, white person, I agree with DiAngelo that we are unconsciously invested in racism, and we need to face that America is changing. We have to be open to the idea that we may be acting in ways that are racially intolerant and not get defensive, offensive, and mad when we are called out for non-intentional racist actions or words, but try to understand and change our behavior and our culture. White comfort maintains the status quo, so discomfort is necessary and important for growth. Credit to Glennon Doyle for the idea of “unbecoming.”