Universal Truths

Universal Truths

Artist: Sean Paul Gallegos

Title: Universal Truths

Attribution: Universal Truths, 2020, Sean Paul Gallegos

Year: 2020

Materials: tablet woven cotton and synthetic fibers

Dimensions: 4 x 6 x .25 in.

Image Statement: This tapestry postcard was created using the left over threads from another tablet weaving project. The colors represent arteries and veins. The sparkle fibers add a glimmer of hope. The words woven are hashtags we have seen a lot this year (2020). But to me they are givens. Phrases that are irrefutable. These universal truths need to still be stated in this current reality we liven in. AS some people see them as not universal but solely fo their segregated population and no on else. This was woven as a reminder, the chosen place from which I create regularly.