Water Writing

Water Writing

Artist: Linda Colsh

Title: Water Writing

Attribution: Water Writing 2017 Linda Colsh

Year: 2017

Materials: Cotton fabric painted, dyed, inked & printed; machine pieced & machine quilted

Dimensions: H40 x W40 inches

Image Statement: Drawing inspiration from the creek landscape where I walk, Water Writing explores the flow of a stream’s current over and around the rocks that the water has placed in more violent times during storms. The soft, silty creek bed accepts the rocks and molds to the moving water in lines that are reminders of the surface ripples. Having grown up on an island in the Chesapeake Bay, my concern with the health of the Bay extends over more than 60 years. While now, I live many miles from the Bay, my home is definitely in the Bay’s watershed and what I do where I live now can and does, in fact, impact the Bay.