Wind Drawings – Douglas-fir, Cedar, Maple

Wind Drawings – Douglas-fir, Cedar, Maple

Artist: Lesley Turner

Title: Wind Drawings – Douglas-fir, Cedar, Maple

Attribution: Wind Drawing - Douglas-fir, Cedar, Maple, 2018, Lesley Turner

Year: 2018

Materials: Vintage cotton bedsheets; cashmere, silk, wool, cotton, linen, polyester threads; ink

Dimensions: 31" h x 97" w - allowing a 2" distance between each, Distance is variable to fit space.

Image Statement: A piece of cloth buried under each of the trees became stained by organic soil processes. It was laundered, stretched, and held up to a branch with an ink-dipped brush tied to it, on a windy day. The resulting ‘wind drawing’ by each tree is supported by stitches evoking the tree’s leaves found on the ground after strong winds. The cloth is mounted on a bedsheet as a reference to our home being not only the house we live in - our home extends to the natural environment we are surrounded by.