Innovation: Winter 2012 Surface Design Journal

“Innovation means change. Innovation is what takes us into the future.” -Warren Seelig

On Innovation by Warren Seelig

El Anatsui Represented by Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Susie Brandt

Anne Wilson

Warren Seelig (author)

Anne Wilson: Labors Lost, Re-Imagined
by Shannon Smith

Anne Wilson

Shannon Smith (author)

Kiyomi Iwata: Material Shift
by Susan Iverson

Kiyomi Iwata

Susan Iverson (author)

Hi-Tech to Wear: Raising the Bar
by Jo Ann C. Stabb

Helen Storey

Jennifer Darmour

Lynne Bruning,

Gisela Meyer-Hahn:
Mixing Light, Sound, and Motion

by Marion Tuttle Marzoff

Gisela Meyer-Hahn

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze: Painting in the Round by Patricia Malarcher

Elizabeth Whyte Schulze

Waxy Ornament:
Cat Crotchett’s Innovative Hybrids

by Mary-Louise Totton

Cat Crotchett

Stephen Talasnik: Holding the Line
by Janet Koplos

Stephen Talasnik

Confluence: Beyond Surface
by Pat Hickman

Pat Hickman (author)

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