I*ve Got Your Back! Photo Essay of SDA Fashion Off the Runway at Confluence in Minneapolis

There were amazing fashions on the runway of  Bodies of Water, the 2011 Confluence conference SDA Members’ Fashion Show that took place on June 11 at the Grainbelt Bottle House in Minneapolis. But I couldn’t help but notice that – given the nature of our group – there were also beautiful designs, rich textures and vibrant colors everywhere I looked in the audience.

When the racks of fashion show garments rolled out from back stage, the audience flocked around them to feel the fine fabrics and inspect their construction. It struck me that so much was going on “off the rack” in addition to the runway selections that someone needed to document this aspect of the event as well.

I thought this jacket tied right into the watery theme of the conference and fashion show (above).

I began snapping pictures of backs with the intent of creating a photo tribute to what some of you were wearing that night. This is just a sample of the dazzling apparel on parade off the catwalk.

Do you recognize anyone….or perhaps yourself?

Having recently become a new member of SDA, Marjorie Fedyszyn was thrilled to be a part of the June 2011 Confluence conference/workshops. She reports that she made  many new acquaintances at the conference – with this photo essay project serving as an effective social ice-breaker. When not in her Minneapolis garden, she is in the basement wet felting.
Check out her profile and images in SDA Members’ Directory: www.surfacedesign.org/users/marjorie-fedyszyn

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  • Wen Redmond says

    July 18, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    Cool idea. There were so many wonderful garments every where. I think I'm the one with the tiny waistline. kidding!

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