13th International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz, Poland

Four SDA members–Regina Benson, Lanny Bergner, Nancy Koenigsburg and Mary Zicafoose–were invited to exhibit their work in the 13th International Triennial of Tapestry that opened in Lodz, Poland on May 10, 2010. 130 artists from 51 countries were included in the exhibition.

The international committee of 6 jurors “highly commended” Regina Benson’s Ablaze III (below).

Regina Benson "Ablaze III" Double-sided Triptych, 54"H x 132"W x 16"D Photo by John Bonath

For more information on Regina Benson’s work, visit her website:

Lanny Bergner "Multiplicity" Bronze mesh, glass frit, silicone, origami paper, wire. H83” x W80” x D4” 2009 Photo courtesy of the artist

For more information on Lanny Bergner’s work, visit:

Nancy Koenigsberg "Morning Light" Coated copper wire and glass beads. 78" x 88" x 15" Photo courtesy of the artist

For more information on Nancy Koenigsberg’s work, visit:

Mary Zicafoose "Blue Print" Triptych Weft face ikat tapestry. 82" (l) x 85" (w) 2009 Photo courtesy of the artist

For more information on Mary Zicafoose’s work, visit her website:

2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale in South Korea

14 Canadian SDA members proudly participated in Unity and Diversity, an exhibition of 206 contemporary works by artists from across Canada. Showcased in the Canadian Pavilion, and coordinated by the Canadian Crafts Federation in partnership with the provincial craft councils of Canada, the exhibition was on view from September 23 to November 1, 2009.

Jane Kenyon "Fracture" Free-style machine embroidery. 36" x 52" 2008 Photo by Kenji Nagai/Chosen for Int'l Craft Biennale in South Korea

Canada was honored to serve as guest country for this event that was billed as “the largest international fine craft event in the world.” The exhibition, accompanied by live performances, demonstrations, lectures, and a boutique (among other attractions), drew international attention. The curator/narrator for the exhibition was Dr. Sandra Alfoldy, Assistant Professor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design/NSCAD University in Halifax, NS.

Wilma Butts "Anemone Scarves" (Detail) Shibori 12 x 150cm Photo courtesy of the artist/ Chosen for Int'l Craft Biennale in South Korea

The 14 participating SDA members included:

Wilma Butts, NS
Dorothy Caldwell, ON

Lyn Fabio, YK
Susan Furneaux, NF
Susan Warner Keene, ON
Jane Kenyon, BC

hung-Im Kim, ON
Karen Colbourne Martin, NF

Dorie Millerson, ON
Julie Pongrac, BC

Kaija Rautiainen, BC
Karen Thiessen, ON
Lesley Turner, AB
Yvonne Wakabayashi, BC

In January 2010, a part of the exhibition returned to Canada to appear at the Museum of Vancouver as The Art of Craft, part of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

For more information and images from this exhibition, visit the Canadian Crafts Federation website.

(Thanks to Wilma Butts, SDA representative for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, for the report above. The Exposure section of both the Summer and Fall issues of the Surface Design Journal will feature selected work by the participants listed.–Ed.)


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