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Outstanding Student Award Winners 2019 (Part III of III)

Closing out SDA’s Outstanding Students Award Winners is our third, and final, top-notch gallery of student work featuring innovation within the field of fibers and textiles. All were nominated by the chair of their department, all winners receive a free digital membership for the year.

Katie Warnock (Undergraduate) By my hand, cotton, vinyl, handwoven, 30” x 48”.

Breanna Benson (Undergraduate) Derma, wool, wet and needle-felted, 9” x 30” x 1.5”.

Miranda Pratt (Undergraduate) Trading Card for a Worm, cotton, natural dye, embroidered, 2″ x 4”.

E. Aki Johnson (Undergraduate) Transavantgard, mixed media, bull denim, cotton twill, rayon ponte, dimensions vary.

Aridna Miramontes (Undergraduate) Juno & Pitufo, acrylic pigment, cotton, scree-printed, 30” x 30”.

Manuela Benaim (Undergraduate) Autorretrato I, metal hanger, silicone, pigments, casted, 16” x 30” x 7″.

Lindsey Lagemaat (Undergraduate) Fallout, tarps, metallic leaf flakes, hardware, salt crystal candle holder, tassel, dimensions vary.

Emily Popp (Graduate) 100 lbs dress, series of public sewing events and public performances, 6’.

Etta Sandry (Graduate) Dodecaweave (detail), cotton, hand-woven, dimensions vary.

Natthanan (Gain) (Graduate) Vatthanasangpan Gravity, heavy duty tread, polyester fabric, drawing, tied, 18″ x 80″ x 12″.

Joann Quinones (Graduate) Sugar Baby, porcelain, sugar, cradle, cotton, 24″ x 24”.

Meagan Smith, (Graduate) Untitled.

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