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Outstanding Student Awards 2021, Part 2 (of 3)

The winners of Surface Design Association’s Outstanding Student Awards were recently announced for the students who have demonstrated excellence in fiber arts. The work of these artists embodied inventive and innovative use of technique, materials, and concepts in fiber arts. All winners receive a free digital membership for the year. Congratulations to all 32 awardees.

Allison Hellman (Undergraduate, Iowa State University) Iowa Wildflowers, 2020. Embroidery floss, muslin 40 x 33.5 in.

Lauryn Tipper (Undergraduate, Massey University) Tohorā & Kauri, 2020. Print paste, cotton linen, screenprint, 314 x 51 in. Photo by the artist. | @lauryntipper_textiles

Kevin Tracy (Post-Baccalaureate Program, UC Berkeley Extension) Quilt 1, 2020. Polypropylene woven mesh, spray paint, wax thread, hand sewn, 48 x 48 in. Photo: Dana Davis. | @kevin_l_tracy

Molly Morningglory (Graduate, Clemson University) Dirt Drawing, 2020. Cotton muslin, found clay, in situ charcoal, lake action dye performance using found clay, charcoal on a burnt tree, lake water, 66 x 72 in. Photo: Sam Shamard, Lauren Bradshaw. | @mollymorningglory

Nicole Kuzma (Graduate, Pacific Northwest College of Art) Crazy Fingers, 2021. Hand spun/dyed yarn, hand dyed monofilament, hand painted cotton, denim, hand dyed canvas, copper wire, acrylic yarn, hand dyed rattan, plastic bags, repurposed (unusable) clothing, reflective tape, gaffer tape, PVC, sand, 180 x 28 x 65 in. Photo by the artist. @dirtysunshinepa

Emily Yurkevicz (Graduate, Indiana University, Bloomington) re·collections noun | re·gen·er·ate adjective, 2020. Plaster, gold leaf, (indigo dyed cotton, madder dyed cotton, iron mordant, thread, cotton batting), oak, soot, Indiana Switchgrass, time, hand dyed, cut and sewn quilt imprinted into plaster and gold leafed, 120 x 120 x 56 in. Photo: Destini Ross. | @emily.yurkevicz

Camille Guellec (Undergraduate, College for Creative Studies) Whimsical, 2021. Digitally manipulated gouache paint, half-drop repeat pattern, 40 x 31 in. | @camilletextiles

Eleanor Anderson (Graduate, Cranbrook Academy of Art) Dream Portal, 2020. Cotton cloth, yarn, polyfil, wooden dowels, paint, double-weave, 15 x 10 feet x 3.5 in. Photo: Robert Crossno. | @eleanor_anderson_studio

Cynthia Evans (Graduate, University of Missouri at Columbia) Untitled, 2021. Over beaten abaca, copper, seeds, soil, wood, paper casting, 60 x 72 x 42 in. Photo by the artist. | @comonsteriotyp

Sally Garner (Graduate, Georgia State University) Altered Timelines, 2021. Double-pointed knitting needles, paper raffia, twining (basketry/weaving), dimensions vary. | @sally.c.garner

Jack Rose (Undergraduate, University of Georgia) over/under/over, 2021. Acorn, walnut, and indigo on linen, patchwork, 30 x 26.5 in.

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For more information check out Grants & Outstanding Student Awards page

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  • Anna Carlson says

    August 29, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    Congratulations Outstanding Students! Your work is inspired and inspiring.

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