SDA Awards 2 Personal Development Grants

SDA is pleased to announce Michelle Sirois-Silver and Andrea Donnelly as the 2 recipients of the SDA Personal Development Grants for the last grant cycle of 2010.

Michelle Sirois-Silver of Vancouver, British Columbia (CA) will produce new work that explores love, decay, and repair and is inspired by photography of Hostas decomposing over their four month life-cycle.  Sirois-Silver will present rug hooking in complex, non-traditional ways by integrating unusual materials and techniques such as needlework, pulled thread, weaving, felting, beading, hand dyeing and painting.  The finished products will incorporate LED boxes to project light through holes in the work.

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Andrea Donnelly, of Richmond, Virginia has been awarded a Personal Development grant to undertake a year long independent research project focusing on the technical, cultural, and historical practices and processes of ikat.  Her goals are to compile a body of historical and contemporary research, to document this research by initiating the Ikat Research Blog, and to create samples of smaller experimental pieces which will culminate in two large-scale pieces.  This work will connect Donnelly’s ongoing interest in weaving, unweaving, and reweaving with her attraction to ikat and will be a logical evolutionary extension of her current work.

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