Anni Albers "Variations on a Theme" 1958

Voor de draad ermee! (Well, get on with it!)

Embroidery, as an artistic craft has made a remarkable comeback. From domestic tools and quiet hobbies, embroidery is now a full-scale cultural movement, with many iterations taking place internationally. Voor de draad ermee! (Dutch translated to English: Well, get on with it!) features embroidered and embellished works by some of the top artists and fashion designers in The Netherlands. The exhibition is on display at the Gorcums Museum in Gorinchem, The Netherlands until September 9th, 2018.

Curated by Linda Hanssen, Curator of Textiles at the Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam, Voor de draad ermee! showcases beautiful and unique works from both museum and private collections. The loans come from the Textile Research Centre in Leiden, Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, Brokaat in Kortenhoef, among others.

Tilleke Schwarz New Potatoes, 27″ x 26″.

The exhibition includes works and examples from Dutch fashion of yesteryear to now, antique liturgical garments, and masterpieces from Mediterranean, Central-Asian, and Indian cultures. In all of those categories, the art of embroidery holds important symbolic meaning for occasions such as birth, marriage, death, and religion.

Karola Pezarro LE CORDON OMBILICAL, 110″ x 90″.

Many contemporary visual artists prove that embroidery, applied at the highest artistic level, can lead to spectacular results.

Malou Busser Wolkensprong, 31″ x 45″.

Especially for this exhibition, members of the MerkWaardig association have embroidered works centred around the subject of ‘Holland’s Glory’. These works show a great diversity in techniques and interpretation of this topic, and form a wonderful reflection of this association which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The works vary from modern and traditional embroidery samplers to objects like embroidery rolls and books. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the museum will organise several embroidery workshops.

Mariëlle van den Bergh Vulkaan.

Participating artists include: Mariëlle van den Bergh, Dorothée van Biesen, Barbara Broekman, Malou Busser, Cora de Kok, Pauline Nijenhuis, Karola Pezarro, Barbara Polderman, Michael Raedecker, Tilleke Schwarz, Rob Scholte, and Sylvia Terwisscha van Scheltinga.

Barbara Broekman Mijn Familie Joke Else Laura, 64″ x 93″.


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