Warp Speed: Spring 2015 Surface Design Journal


We live in an age where everything is being reexamined, overhauled, and reinvented, from basic infrastructure and communication to the production of food and textiles.

Nearing its 40th anniversary as a leader in the fiber-arts field, Surface Design Association is part of this revitalization movement in the new millennium.

The notion of “unweaving” existing forms and methods to better understand their potential is at the heart of this issue.  The theme Warp Speed explores artistic approaches to deconstructing the known as a way of discovering dynamic new interpretations. Cover artist Aiko Tezuka unweaves textiles she finds (and designs) to create wholly original wall works and installations.

Throughout this issue, technological advances and art historical traditions are major sources of inspiration. Margo Wolowiec transforms imagery harvested from the Internet into abstract handwoven glimpses of the Postdigital age. Faig Ahmed’s optical illusions are designed with computer software but woven into captivating wool carpets by the traditional Azerbaijani weavers of his region. Artist and educator Vic De La Rosa pinpoints the rise and rapid development of laser cutting technology energizing creative output in every area of the fiber field.

May the creative “force” of textiles and fiber be with you!

Marci Rae McDade

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