Seiko Purdue, Kumihimo Wishes: Current Times (public participation project), 2021. 365 Kumihimo disks, cotton yarn, natural dyes, people’s wishes, plywood, 6.5 x 12 x 9 feet.

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Pandemic Projects: Kumihimo Wishes: Current Times by Seiko Purdue

August 20, 2021 5:00 am

This summer, I am celebrating the moment when people’s collective strength, patience, creativity, compassion, and spirit comes together in the public participation project and exhibition Kumihimo Wishes: Current Times at Jansen Art Center in Lynden, Washington, US. During the pandemic, I have been thinking about the power of “craft” deeply. As a Japanese artist, I …

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Pandemic Projects: Jacki Moseley

May 24, 2021 5:00 am

2020 Hindsight: Breathe is a series of 52 unique masks representing the 52 weeks in 2020 and symbolizing humanity. During the most chaotic year of most our lives many of the things going on around us were out of our control. If we were lucky, we “learned” to BREATHE. I am a fiber artist who began …

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Pandemic Projects: Elise Vazelakis

April 16, 2021 5:00 am

My current artwork is about the isolation, monotony and chronic stress that has been brought on by the global pandemic. For me personally, the distortion of time has been both challenging and inspiring. The shape of days, weeks and months over this past year sometimes seemed to be condensed and at other times stretched out. …

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Pandemic Projects: Two Worlds of Larry Schulte

March 12, 2021 5:00 am

The two worlds: the world before Covid and the world now. My creative training is in the areas of painting and weaving. At some point in my artistic career, more than forty years ago, the two merged and I began creating woven painted paper works. The process is a simple one:  paint two pieces of paper (I …

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Pandemic Projects: Susan Hensel Explores the Effect of Substrate Color on Finished Objects

February 26, 2021 5:00 am

Susan Hensel is a multidisciplinary artist, with a 50+ year career, who combines a mixed media practice with embroidery across digital and manual platforms. She make sculpture and wall art using the colors and techniques of commercial embroidery, designed in the computer and stitched out on the computer-aided embroidery machine. This ongoing pandemic project is called …

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