Emelie Rondahl "Rana Plaza: the Collapse (April 24th 2013)" 2016

Friday Fibers Roundup

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup features some innovative works by multiples artists, a new blog post from Critical Craft Forum, and a recent exhibition at the Fuller Craft Museum!


Jill Ault Amaryllis Set 2016, digitally printed cotton, quilting, embroidery 42″ x 60″.

1) MIT researchers have developed a beaver-like fur material in order to help surfers stay warm (via Interesting Engineering).

2) Critical Craft Forum has a new blog post featuring an interview with Aram Han Sifuentes, who uses needles and thread to explore the experience of being a first generation immigrant to the US.

3) The whimsical work of Mariko Kusumoto blends sculpture, fabric, and jewelry together to create delicate brooches, bracelets, and necklaces (via The Jealous Curator).

4) Cary Wolinsky: Fiber of Life looks at the photographs taken by Wolinsky on his worldwide trips exploring all of the various textiles he encountered. The exhibition is on display at the Fuller Craft Museum until February 28th, 2017 in Brockton, MA.

5) Yarnbyrds is an RV that has been converted into yarn store designed to be driven to any fiber-loving maker (via Dispatch).

6) Emmanuelle Moureaux uses intense accuracy to layer 18,000 paper silhouettes in her most recent interactive installation (via designboom).

7) An 86-year-old man learned how to knit hats in order to provide warmth for the preemies born at NICU at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA (via ABC News).

8) Faig Ahmed (previously featured in SDJ’s “Warped Speed”) has a new series of glitch rugs. Created on a traditional loom, these pieces attempt to display the impossibility of finding symmetry in nature and a chaotic world (via Colossal).

9) “How Dutch Wax Fabrics Became a Mainstay of African Fashion” by Sarah Archer looks at how The Philadelphia Museum of Art examined the past and present of Vlisco fabrics, a symbol of our hyperconnected, postcolonial material world (via Hyperallergic).

10) Mixed-media and installation artist Gabriel Dawe recently created another stunning thread installation. This new work, Plexus no. 35, utilizes thousands of colored threads to produce a composition that looks like refracted light beams (via Colossal).

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