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Friday Fibers Roundup

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a great time counting down the last bits of 2016, and SDA is excited for another great year of fiber art. This week’s roundup features new innovations in textile development, multiple quilt shows closing soon, and an adorable stuffed angler fish named Morris.

cherry sm

Eileen Doughty Cherry Grove Teapot, free-motion stitched threads

1) Ordinary objects are given new, cozy lives with Ulla Stina Wikander’s embroidered skins on top of them (via My Modern Met).

2) San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles has 3 exhibitions on display until January 15th, 2017. 1) The California Art Quilt Revolution: From the Summer of Love to the New Millennium, 2) Anything Goes: An Exhibit of Art Cloth Network, and 3) Hmong Story Cloths: Stitching a History. Check them out soon before they’re down!

3) Designer Tamara Orjola has found a way to transform the fibers of pine needles, a material usually thrown away after trees have been harvested, into Forest Wool (via Co.Design).

4) Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown turns forgotten plastic bags into beautifully embroidered pieces of art in her series El Barrio Bodega (via The Jealous Curator).

5) A World Without Textiles imagines what our lives would be without this essential material, but in a humorous way.

6) Anne Patterson’s latest installation utilizes satin ribbon to play with synesthesia and alters our perceptions of color and emotions (via The Creators Project).

7) “Lost Art of Weaving” by Julianne McShane takes a peek inside Madrid’s Royal Tapestry Factory, where an ancient craft finds new life (via The Week).

8) Our Pink House by Olek was designed to highlight the endemic homelessness facing more than 6.6 million displaced Syrians. With help from volunteers and refugee women from Ukraine and Syria, Olek’s goal is “to empower women is to give them work and money” (via Wired).

9) Adidas recently unveiled their first ever sneaker made from artificial spider silk, which is biodegradable and completely vegan (via ecouterre).

10) Meet Morris, a reversible stuffed angler fish by designer Rachel Ciavarella to teach hands-on exploration of anatomy (via Colossal).

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